The personal collection of historical archives and other related material of Nikolaos Roudometof contains a great variety of documents. Most of them were collected or purchased by him. Specifically, historical archives includes:

  1. Family records (correspondence, certificates, legal documents, etc).
  2. Documents and business records (books, invoices, correspondence, stamps, certificates, licenses, envelopes) mainly from the city of Kavala and nearby area.
  3. Archives related to the Resistance in Kavala's region during the german occupation (1941 - 1944).
  4. Newspapers and magazines of Kavala and the wider region of Macedonia and Thrace, from 1910 until present day.
  5. Archival material from past elections, including ballot papers, leaflets, posters, candidates' pre-election agreements with voters, photos of election centers and pre-election gatherings.
  6. Photographic material and card-postal of Kavala's region from 1875 until present day.

This archive is estimated to be among the largest private collections in Greece. In its overwhelming majority, it has not been used by historians and/or social scientists.